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I have long been a fan of Sexycreolyta4u and her huge hanging boobs. When ever I see her online I have to look, I very often drop her some tips too. She's a lovely girl and I can't resist a thick sexy Latina. That's the thing, in writing this blog post I actually had to read her profile.

This gorgeous naughty Latina is actually European! she's from Romania to be exact, I'm an idiot LOL. After all this time I always assumed that a woman with such gorgeous caramel skin and killer curves must be south American. Just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

Sexycreolyta4u has some wonderful breasts, fans of big hangers will enjoy these babies. There 100% natural titties, the bounce and hang on them is a sight to behold. Her nipples evoke many a naughty thought, I would go into details about what she gets me thinking but you could be eating while reading this, I don't want to be blamed for you spitting your food across the room.

This girl has one hell of an ass on her too. Its quite the bubble butt indeed. Sometimes she gets on all fours, pokes her ass in the air as if she's giving you the invite to climb aboard and enter her. You get a great view of her pretty pussy and it always looks so inviting. Even writing this about her I'm having flashbacks of her shows and getting horny!

Creolyta like all the girls I present to you speaks English perfectly. Along with her huge hanging boobs, big sexy booty and love of teasing cocks, she has a nice personality too. She's well deserving of any fans and tips she receives and she really shows the love when someone spoils her. She doesn't give off an ego like she deserves anything. She's always grateful which is a lovely way to be.

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