The original enhanced superstar Pandora Peaks

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The 90's was an amazing time for me and I look at the decade so fondly now. I have so many great memories but none as amazing as the day I discovered the enhanced superstar Pandora Peaks. Sure, Pamela Anderson ruled my mind for a year or two but for me, no woman could ever come close to Pandora!

The year was 1993 and I was 10 years old at the time. I had many crushes by that age. The first being kylie minogue and the other was flame haired pop star Tiffany. Them crushes weren't particularly sexual in nature, I just wanted them to be my girlfriends.

I wasn't at school for whatever reason one day and became really bored with daytime TV. So looking for something to do I decided I would go into my stepdads shed and make myself a peg gun. I searched the shed high and low for a good piece of wood. This peg gun was going to be the finest one I ever made and actually hurt my sister when I shot her.

Moving one of the toolboxes a magazine dropped to the ground, it was hidden underneath it.  Instantly I knew this wasn't a copy of House & Garden magazine. I picked it up, the magazine was called Big Ones International. Pandora Peaks adorned the front cover and I can't express the feelings I felt seeing her for the first time.

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I flicked through the pages ignoring all the other girls until I got to Pandora. My brain became intoxicated by her, I couldn't process that a woman like her could actually exist! I didn't understand breast enhancement at that age, to me this was just the way Pandora Peaks was born. Her boobs were just so beautiful and huge. That wasn't all I enjoyed about her.

I looked at her face and Pandora Peaks wasn't just pretty, I finally understood what sexy really meant. Her body was slim and really toned with a beautiful golden tan complimenting her blonde hair. The lady was perfection to me.

I visited my stepdads shed everyday after my discovery, just so I could feel the adrenaline rush she provided to me. Like a drug I needed a daily fix . We moved house a year later and during the move I took the opportunity to take the magazine. I guess you could say the superstar Pandora Peaks helped me develop into a man. When I was ready, many enjoyable times were had while looking at her and fantasizing.

I still have the magazine to this day. I no longer look at it now, it's kept as a piece of my childhood that brings back great memories. As my tastes have changed to loving women with big natural boobs, the original enhanced superstar Pandora Peaks still holds a dear place in my heart. I think she always will.

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