Make More Money On Adult Webcams

Make More Money On Adult Webcams

Make More Money On Adult Webcams

If you're an adult webcam performer not doing so well, the tips and tricks I'm about to share with you are sure to help you make more money on adult webcams no matter what site you happen to perform on! This isn't my usual type of post so I apologize to my core audience that have no interest in this.

As a fan and promoter of sex cams for nearly 5 years I have mostly worked with chaturbate. I've seen ladies rise from the bottom, right to the very top page of chaturbate in my time many times. It wasn't until I was contacted by a friend recently looking for advice that I realized the ingredients for success aren't always obvious. The top ladies all have something in common and it isn't all about amazing looks.

Being in the big webcam boobs area of adult I have helped dozens of busty cam girls increase their revenue. Many have seen incredible results over a short period of time. My tips will apply to any cam girl regardless if you have big boobs or not.  These tips and tricks also assume you are comfortable being more visible away from the webcam sites.

Social Media

It staggers me when I see a performer that isn't active on social media. At the very least you should have a twitter profile. The aim is to build up a solid following. As a performer this isn't a hard thing to achieve. It's almost like you guys don't want to make more money on adult webcams!

Start a twitter page and make sure it is named the same as your webcam name. We want you to be easily identifiable. Some of the men that like you will search for you on google and if this happens your profile on chaturbate will be top of the results in 99% of cases.

Play for your audience. What I mean by that is if you have big breasts then it's logical to think your followers are big boob fans. Post at the very least 4-5 photos a day displaying your assets.  As long as you're regular with your updates it will keep you fresh. If you give too little or too much the result is pretty much the same, people will get bored with you. 4-5 seems to be the magic numbers in my experience.

Whatever niche you feel you fall into search and follow fan pages dedicated to that area. These pages have thousands of followers and with each page you join and each picture they retweet you will gain very targeted potential viewers to your cam show. Work with fan pages, they are a very valuable tool in your arsenal. As the person that runs bigboobbettys twitter page I can assure you that if you befriend those that run these pages they will go above and beyond for you.

Interact with your fans. Many performers come across like robots when they spam their copy and paste links all day long, actually they probably are auto poster bots! Show your personality. If someone comments on a photo in a respectful manner then reply if it's practical. At the end of each day try to spare 10 – 20 minutes to pop out some replies. Your body is what attracts viewers but it's your personality that keeps them! This is a big thing if you want to make more money on adult webcams.

To become more successful become one of the sides of the pyramid. There's nothing stronger than a pyramid. Follow other webcam models as well as fan pages. Many will retweet your photos and you can repay the favour to them. It shows your not all about yourself and it once again gives you exposure to people that enjoy webcams. Look at it as a team. Yourself, promoters and other cam models are all working towards the same goal. They all go hand in hand and are vital ingredients to making more money on adult webcams so embrace one another.

Show some love to your supporters! If someone comments, favourites or retweets your pictures on a regular basis then follow them back. It's a small thing but that token of appreciation goes a long way. I like to comment on ladies photos sometimes and very often retweet. When you get no feedback from them it makes you think quite negative things about the person. It may very well be untrue but it's not the image you want to give off. We all want to feel valued.

What else can I do?

You sign up to chaturbate but you find your cam is being shown on xxxcams.com. You didn't sign up for that so you panic and demand that you are removed from the site. These sites aren't taking anything away from you, in fact in many cases they are getting you more viewers. Take nude cams for instance. It doesn't look like chaturbate but it sends many people each day to performers rooms.

Make sure in the settings and privacy on chaturbate you have YES displayed for (Appear on network sites). The more whitelabels or promo sites your cam is on the better. More viewers, more potential spenders it's that simple.

Most good promoters will respect dmca protection notices. If you truly don't mind having your images out there then you will need to think about removing it. AmberCutie is a good example of a model that embraces people using her material. She understands that if she is seen on a tube site or her picture is on reddit or twitter then many guys will want to see her live and search for her cam show. At the very least make it easy for promoters to be able to contact you so they can ask for permission to use your images.

My advice to cam models that aren't getting the love they deserve is to spend a few days watching the top girls. Take notes on the structure of their shows. What is it their doing that is attracting so many people? Maybe they are interacting with the viewer, mixing nudity with chatting about random interests for periods of time. Whatever it is think about doing the same if possible with your own added twist.

There's 1000's of models out there doing the same boring stuff night after night so set yourself apart from them. A little bit of thought and planning for a show goes a long way.

The time of day you perform can really show in your rooms viewing figures. Test out different times of the day for maximum exposure. If the majority of your viewers are from a certain part of the world take that into account and cater to them the best you can.

When you go out somewhere and receive great customer service it leaves you feeling good and more inclined to return. Look at yourself as the face and body of your own business. People will be rude and demanding at times but don't allow yourself to be dragged down by their bad behaviour. Kick them from your room and remain the professional.


If you are struggling and want to make more money on adult webcams then you can't go too far wrong following my tips and tricks. Ultimately you need to give yourself every opportunity to get yourself out there. Social media is a great tool for that very purpose. You will need to stick with tips because to make more money on adult webcams doesn't happen overnight. You need to work at it. Stay determined and focused and you will reap the rewards of your hard work. Chaturbate is by far the best adult webcam site online so follow my tips correctly and you will flourish before you know it!

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