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I wouldn't normally write about girls like Kyliebaby28. Yes she has amazing giant boobs and the fact she's a teen with such vast size is hot. My problem is I like to highlight the girls that offer their viewers more then Kylie does. Not showing your face is a problem for me, using a poor webcam and not talking through the cam and just typing is another. From what she writes Kyliebaby28 seems like a lovely girl in case it sounds like I'm shitting on her .

The American webcam teen might be shy to a point and I get that, she's only 18. It's possible she's worried about being recognized by family or friends. Whatever the reason it's not for me to judge. This is the way she is doing for now so I respect that.

So why am I writing about her I hear you say. Well for fuck sake just look at the size of them giant teen boobs. For a pure boob lover that only cares about the tits, she's a dream a come true. I love her big knockers personally, it's just frustrating not knowing who they are attached to. The way she grabs, swings and bounces them is sexy as fuck. Seeing her small little hands attempting to cover them is hot. There just so bloody huge and I love them.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day Kyliebaby28 starts to show more of herself, not just physically but personality wise. Get to know her more as a human rather then a giant pair of boobs. Maybe in time Kyliebaby28 will begin to reveal more of herself. I will be there to report that if and when it happens, but don't hold your breath.

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