BBC broadcasts boobs on national nightly news

Viewers were treated to an unexpected flash of boobs while tuning in for the days news. BBC's News At Ten presented by Sophie Raworth provided the rare piece of entertainment on BBC 1 (Tuesday, August 8). While looking into the camera reading the news, Raworth was completely unaware of a monitor behind her showing a young lady taking her bra off revealing her breasts.

News Titties On The BBC

Some dickheads went on twitter to complain like they usually do. Most others couldn't believe their eye's and had a laugh about it. And the bbc apologized naturally. Stating they will be holding an investigation into how this incident occurred.

To be honest I wouldn't resent the license fee half as much if the bbc showed a bit more boob in their shows. For anyone not from the U.K let me explain. The bbc gets the vast majority of the money generated from a annual TV license. You are required by law to pay for a license if you are watching or recording live television transmissions.

So in other words if you own a TV you better have a license. The best bit about it is the fee is £145 a year, the bbc gets billions and their channels and radio stations are fucking crap. Full of middle class nonsense, and grossly over paid presenters.

This boob indecent was in my opinion the best thing to happen on the bbc for at least 5 hours when earlier in the day a woman flash her tits in the background of a live news broadcast.

I hope someone from the bbc reads this because (Tuesday, August 8) was the most fun many men had watching your dull broadcasts. Sneak in some boobs here and there, a little like a titty where's waldo and we might actually tune in once in awhile.

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